Sunday, February 3, 2008

...more Oxford

Not sure if this ones better in color or blck and white

I've recently been learning about Impressionism in my Modern art class (Monet, Dega, Pissaro...). I didn't realize at the time of shooting these but now that I see them all together I can see myself being influenced by all the paintings that I've been studying. I specifically see a connection between the photos which have relections in the water and Monet's paintings.

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Melissa said...

in the one where you question black and white or color... I say color. I really like all the yellow in it because it gives a very beautiful light into the trees, and i feel you lose that converting to black and white.(by the way, I'm still amazed how we can just chose these sorts of things.) And in your past entries you've mentioned wanting to find things with color to keep them in color, I think this is one of those. The color version makes me feel like I'm sitting or standing at the waters edge, black and white doesn't.

and! the last one is so good. everytime i look at it, it feels like things on the right are starting to curve around the sun (maybe I've been looking at too many photos of star trails.) Although I feel a little bit could be cropped off the bottom. Bring it to a little under the pile of snow and the edge of the trunk shadows, to emphasize them, and it will compliment the streak in the sky well.