Friday, March 28, 2008

For the past 3 months of my life I've been living in London, working in an art gallery and seeing lot's of museums/galleries, and yet I barely wrote a word about it. To be honest, I usually dont like to write/talk about how I feel about art, mostly because I'm a bit embarassed. That is now going to change.

To be completely honest, being so submerged into the 'real' world of art has made me a bit cynical about it all. Whenever I go to show and see work hanging on the wall I have to question whether it's up there because the artist is really talented, because they have the "right personality" and talked their way in, or simply because they're popular and someone wanted to make some money off of it. Sometimes I just get plain annoyed that some else's work is hanging on the wall while mine is stuck (probably forever) in my portfolio in my closet. This brings me to one thing I truly enjoy about the gallery I work at (East West Gallery). David and Jill, the owners, pick artists to represent simply based on talent and how much they believe in the artists work. They don't care if the artist is popular at the time or if they're going to make them super-rich; they just want to show work which they believe in. I didn't really know it was possible to encounter people in the art world who functioned on such a completely unselfish manner, because so many other people I've met just seem to only think about themselves.

On a sorda different/ sorda similar note: What I find most confusing about art is that it's supposed to be about creating something beautiful and expressing oneself (cheesy, I know). But then all this business comes into it, and suddenly your art is being judged and criticized in a million different ways. And then you have to figure out how to make living off of it?!? It all seems so confusing to me. To say what I'm thinking rather bluntly, sometimes I (and I'm sure you all do to) just want to say "screw the art world, I just want to take pictures", and I don't want them judged and I don't want to explain why they're good or why they're not.. "I just want to take pictures". Why does it have to be so damn complicated?

Anyway, I have TONS of pictures from Paris and Prague to touch up / even more to still take in London. I am determined to come out of this trip with something that I actually like... I must show myself that I am capable of more than just take pictures of naked people and oak trees. So please stay tuned...

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