Sunday, October 7, 2007

I've decided that I NEED to get out of the studio for this class (at least for now) and try to shoot some things that I'm not quite so comfortable shooting. I took these the other night inside and outside of Moynihans bar over on Main and I think one is from later in the night. My friend's band was playing and they no longer let anyone in who is not 21, so I got myself in by having them tell the bartender that I was just coming to take pictures of them. I have to admit it felt pretty funny to have them( the bartenders) refer to me as "the photographer". Unfortunately I have to admit that I really should have had a tri-pod with me... and as I didn't these aren't quite the sharpest pictures ever. But hey, they're not of a nude model and I don't hate them.. so I think thats a good thing. I've been shooting in a studio for two semesters now so it was quite a change to not have total control over the lighting, although it did make for more of a challenge to just make the lighting work as is. These are also my first attempts at night shots ever, and I really like how the lights are glowing. All in all I wish I had had a tri-pod so that these could be sharper and so my pictures from inside the bar weren't so awful

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