Monday, January 14, 2008

The Eye

All of these pictures were taken either from on the London Eye or from around it.
Riding the Eye was an incredible experience and a great way to be able to see the whole city... unfortunately the pics taken from the eye have some glare from the glass, but I just rob my fans (joking) of viewing London from that angle. I feel like I'm already falling behind in terms of posting pictures because for every 5 that I post, I have about 100 more to sort through. I'm also trying to fix the pictures up best I can... but I am working on a non callibrated laptop and I dont have a mouse so I'm using the mousepad on my keyboard. Not to make excuses or anything.. I suppose I'm just worried that my pictures arent quite up to par.

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pitchertaker said...

Riding the London Eye was one of the first things we did in London -- great ride to be floating above the city like that. Happy to see your "toursit" pics of London, really, you need to take these before you can get down to more expressive stuff....ya' know?