Thursday, January 17, 2008

These are pictures I took in Cambridge (a small-ish college town about 1.5 hours outside of London) I was stuck with a pretty big group and didn't have a tri-pod (Not that I ever really have one) but I definitely like these pics more than the previous ones. I actually find it pretty easy to take the pictures I want and still keep up with people, although it days take a lot of effort to not get completely lost from the group. I was really trying to capture the "quaint-ness" of the town.. hopefully I succeeded. I've also been trying to look for shops and situations with color schemes that I like so that I won't be tempted to put everything into black and white. ( On a seperate note I just wanted to mention how much I love my new battery pack that I got for my camera. It really makes the camera much easier to hold and taking vertical pics is way easier.) Anyway about these pictures, I think that they are in the direction that I wanted to head in my project so feedback on whether they're any good would be really great (I'm starting to really miss having weekly critiques where I have a bunch of ppl to tell me whether my pics are crap... although it will probably be good for me to have to make those sorts of decisions on my own) I still have some more to post from this same day.. but I wanted to get these up. I'll write a bit more about what I've been up to when I post the last couple of pics... in the meantime, ENJOY!

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Melissa said...

the last one is my favorite.

and I think you have really solid framing. if that sentence makes sense, I'm not sure.

I notice that you don't just take pictures of people in these places, which I think is a very easy thing to fall into doing. you are really photographing the entire environment, you're including a lot of the upper parts of things, like the wall of a building and the road intersection, and the river and buildings in the distance.