Thursday, April 10, 2008

When I first got to London I felt completely lost about what to photograph.. some days I would go out with my camera for hours and barely take a single photograph. I honestly did not enjoy a minute of walking around alone. Today, however, as I walked along the Thames on my way to St. James park (yes it was another day of photographing a London park), I realized how at ease and even HAPPY I felt to be out on my own photographing. Actually, I shot almost a whole roll of film on my way there (I was attempting to follow Warhol's lead and just photograph ppl and signs that I found amusing without thinking too much about each shot). I feel really proud that I've been able to become so much more comfortable and confident on my own.. and I really think it will carry over and help me in lots of ways at home. Maybe I will even feel more confident next semester at school to scout out more interesting models. Without rambling on too much, I guess it just feels good to be able to enjoy photographing again because for a while photographing had become a chore. Days like today make me remember why I love photo so much...
On that note... heres some more pictures from Prague, ENJOY!

All three photographs were taken in Prague on March 24, 2008

(see the color scheme?)

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pitchertaker said...

Like giving visual form to your curiosity...right?