Monday, April 7, 2008

It's hard to believe, but in just over two weeks from this moment I will be back in my house in L.I.. Being so close to the end of this "journey" is making me realize all the things I wish I had done, especially with my photography. I feel like it took me so long to settle in that I sorda forgot to set any real goals for myself in terms of specific projects and places and things that I want to photograph. In light of that, I have set for myself a couple of specific projects I wish to complete before I leave.
1) Photograph Portobello road at least a little each day (I realized how much of a jerk I am for NOT doing this all along, as I do work there 3 days a week).. I want to shoot at LEAST one roll of film and 100 digital photos. Actually I came up with a really cool idea of photographing every store front (in order) and then printing them out individually and hanging them as a border around my room next year.
2) Tree portraits.. let me explain: As some of you know, I sorda have a thing for trees. And since I've been here my love has extended WAY beyond old oak trees because the trees in the UK are ridiculously cool. On my free days I go to different parks (Hyde is by far my fav), tripod and all and scope out cool trees. Probably sounds kind of lame in this explanation but hopefully the pics will prove otherwise (I've been doing this in film so I dont have the pics quite yet)

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